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Hotel Rural Casa Cipriano

Sotres - Cabrales - Asturias

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Hotel Casa Cipriano - Sotres

The Casa Cipriano Rural Hotel, Sotres - the Picos de Europa

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Sotres, in the Picos de Europa

Sotres, in the Picos de Europa

Casa Cipriano

Casa Cipriano is a family business that took its first steps in 1969, as a small bar and lodging-house with a dining room. Throughout the years, with different alterations and makeovers, it’s changed into what it is today: the Casa Cipriano Rural Hotel with its restaurant and a company of mountain guides - a first in Sotres and amongst the oldest in the entire district of Cabrales.

The Principality of Asturias is still largely unspoilt by tourism, and not much English is spoken. But here at Casa Cipriano we’ll understand you. Our manager and head guide Juan speaks very good English, and has many years’ experience of leading British groups on walks and expeditions in the Picos. With his family and his staff he’ll look after your every need.

Sotres, in Cabrales

Sotres is the highest village in the Cabrales region, and one of the highest you can find anywhere in Asturias or in the entire Picos de Europa park. It’s situated at the heart of the Picos de Europa (‘The Peaks of Europe’), between the central and eastern massifs, at the dividing line marked by the Valley of the River Duje. Such an enviable location makes it unbeatable as a starting point for any number of activities within the Picos park: from easy near-at-hand walks to rugged footpath routes offering varying degrees of challenge, right up to the most daring climbs on the limestone faces of our mountain peaks.

It’s a typical mountain village, completely remodelled in recent times, in which you can enjoy both the traditional and the material comforts of modern life.

For all this and many more reasons, Sotres and Casa Cipriano offer you an incomparable package for your days of rest.

Don’t be shy about getting to know us. We’re sure you’ll come back.

Menu of the month

Special menu of the house: Asturian Fabada (Bean Stew with Black Pudding, Sausage, Bacon etc.) and Cabrales-style Fillets (Veal Scallops or Scallopini). Wine, bread and dessert. For only 12€.

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Telephones (0034)985945024 | 985945063 | 630916032

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Don’t miss trying out the delicious house pizzas on offer from Casa Cipriano. + information in the ‘Restaurant’ section.